It Began in 1948... 

Originally, we started out small; merely answering for Funeral Homes in local and surrounding communities. We quickly established ourselves as a company you can trust and depend on. One built on core values of integrity, professionalism and team . We've always held ourselves to the highest standards, and we guarantee that same level of service to each and every one of our clients. 

Through award winning training of all Call Agents, high retention and tenured Call Agents of 5 years or more, Director on Call has continued to grow.

We use our core values as a compass to guide us in every interaction with our clients and our callers. We have continuously improved and updated through technology, without forgetting the core principles of customer service.

Seventy Years Later... 

Technology has allowed us to access other markets and grow as a company. As it makes leaps and bounds forward, so too do we by offering ever-broadening options. Through it all, we strive to bring the same level of quality and customer service. We make it our mission to constantly improve while applying what we've learned by bringing award winning services. In 2019, we acquired Quest Answering Service to continue exceptional service standards throughout the Funeral Industry.

We keep an eye on where we're going, but we never forget where we've been.